By Sam Calvert, Attorney At Law |

Mr Calvert was the most compassionate caring understanding patient lawyer we checked into when looking for a lawyer for filing bankruptcy..it took us over 2 years to finally come to terms with what we needed to do for ourselves financially (we had had a very bad rough time of things for 5 years-financially, life was just not good to us and it started with Jeff's work place he had worked for 29 years just shut their doors, and from there it was hell, car-furnace-etc needed to be replace, severe health problems-we had no health ins. for 4 years, cancer-my new daughter in law, my younger son liver-kidney problems) and just plain trying to stay about water...and yes our house-mortgage that we are still dealing with....when we finally broke down and at the end of our rope, bottom of the barrel we started looking for a lawyer...and believe me when I say we talked with lots....then when l met with Mr Calvert there 1st was something about his his demeanor that put me at ease ( I hadn't felt that with any of the others) and when I stated explaining our situation of whats been going on over the past few years, he just listened, I didn't feel judged, he really helped us come to terms with what we were doing, he knew how guilty I felt about not being about to get ourselves out of the hole on our own...then when we got into the process of it all his guidance knowledge and making sure we always understood what was happening and anytime we called he got back to us in a timely matter...and his charge was reasonable....and when all was said and done he made sure we were good with what had all happened and let us know it was the best thing we could of done for ourselves to get a fresh start....Mr Calvert was awesome!!!!!